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Elder Care / Guardianship

elderly couple on bench

Many families are struggling with how to help aging parent/s who are living longer to maintain the highest possible quality of life. Who should make the decisions about their living arrangements or healthcare needs-the parents or the children? What if family members don’t agree? How do you find the right services or facility for their needs? An ElderCare Mediator can help you work together as a family to find solutions that work for your specific situation.

Often families have conflicts or disagreements about how best to care for an elderly parent. These are some of the most difficult and painful decisions families face.  As parents live longer, family relationships are likely to be tested. As neutral mediators, in the vast majority of instances, we are able to assist family members reach an agreement on one or more of the following:

  • What is best for our parent?
  • How do we balance a parent’s safety with their desire to stay independent?
  • What are the signals staying at home is no longer an option?
  • Who will pay bills, manage property and bank accounts?
  • How will medical decisions be made if not all family members agree?
  • Can I assist in parent care if I live a long distance from my parent?
  • What is a legal guardianship or conservatorship and when are they right?
  • How do we know if our parent’s will or trust is adequate and up to date?
  • What care options are available and how can the cost be paid?
  • Should our parent be involved in the decision making?
  • How can our parent’s dignity and autonomy be maintained?
  • How should we divide responsibilities with unequal resources?